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Are you ready to transform your life?

Ketogenic Living 101 is Keto lifestyle expert, Monica Boyer's signature online program that takes you from Zero to Keto in just weeks!

In this coaching program, you will break old habits, feel a surge of energy, lose weight, and feel better than you have ever felt while eating the most delicious, whole-food meals that have ever touched your lips!

This, paired with one-on-one coaching is a recipe for MASSIVE success!

Keto 101 Basic (DIY)

Keto Jumpstart

3 Months Coaching

6 Months Coaching

12 Months Coaching

Ketomom Elite


Coach Monica has personally lost over 100 lbs on the Ketogenic lifestyle and brings her personal experience to the table as she gives you personal support through your journey.

What Package Do I Need?




Keto 101 Basic (DIY)

Zero to Keto in 8 weeks

  • Eight Weeks -- self-driven Keto training
  • Personalized Macros AND food tracking software subscription
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I'm ready Coach!

This package is for those who are SELF DRIVEN AND MOTIVATED with

NO need for personal coaching or accountability.

Total Coaching Support services

I'm ready Coach!

Keto 101 "Jumpstart" Program

This program is for you if you are are ready to dip your feet in a life transformation. You've tried it on your own, but need the extra help. This program includes all of the Basic PLUS

  • Eight weeks Basic Coaching Package
  • Weekly one-on-one 30 min coaching calls.
  • Daily Food Intake and Macro checks

8 Weeks One-on-One Coaching


Installment Plan Available

*discount for one time payment



Personal One-on One Coaching

This is an intensive three month program that will walk you through the first initial hurdles of the Ketogenic lifestyle! This is for you if you're serious about needing accountability and coaching.

  • 3 Months of direct access to Coach
  • Weekly half- hour accountability coaching sessions
  • Access to Ketomom's Private Facebook VIP group.
  • Unlimited Personal Support!
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PERSONAL One-on-one Coaching

Many times life throws curve balls and our lifestyle is knocked off course. Not with this 6 month package!


I'm ready Coach!
Enroll for 6 Months!
  • 6 Months of direct access to Coach!
  • Twenty four accountability coaching sessions
  • 21 day Intermittent fasting course
  • Unlimited Personal Support!
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Installment Plan Available

*discount for one time payment

12 MONTH Ultimate Package


This is one of our FAVORITE packages because we get to watch you walk across the finish line and hit your ULTIMATE GOALl!


I need a YEAR!
  • 12 Months of direct access to Coach!
  • Forty-eight accountability coaching sessions
  • 21 day Intermittent fasting course
  • Unlimited access to the coach

Coach Monica is ready to walk you to your goals!

This is YOUR Time!

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Coach Monica started LIVING Again!

Her Story...

Coach Monica lost over 100 pounds living the Ketogenic Lifestyle. She found hope again after stroke level blood pressure, debilitating depression, and obesity.

Monica found a passion to help others find hope as she did. She's now seen her clients lose over 10,000 lbs during her coaching career!

She wants you to know, there is HOPE.

Monica teaches "Real Life" Keto. She believes that it's time we stop the diet cycle for good. Diets don't work. Her mission is to watch her clients fall in love with the way they feel and like her, adopt this lifestyle... .FOR LIFE!!

She would LOVE to connect with you!

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Lose Weight

Do you struggle with extra body fat? Keto is where it's at!

Do you experience body pain and inflammation? Keto!

Reduce Inflammation

Blood Sugar issues? Insulin Resistance? Autoimmune? Keto!

Lower Sugars

Ketones: amazing fuel source in clearing that "Brain Fog"

Remove Brain Fog

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